Intelligent Power Analytics(IPA)

Power Visibility, Monitor & Control

Power Monitoring Solutions that can track power usage, control by appliances and report all aspect’s of a Enterprise/SME's business energy consumption,
  • Monitor your Energy Appliances power consumption through in-house WI-FI Network
  • Reduce upto 20% Electricity Bill
  • Track Energy anytime day/night and know how much is consumed at that particular time
  • Control appliances anywhere, anytime automatically without physical remote, via Mobile app
  • Quick turn around on Investment in about 6 Months


  • Cut-down energy wastage,to save money
  • Give better idea on energy usage
  • Know your energy consumption real-time
  • Watch your daily usage data,control appliances from remote sites with a single touch on Mobile Apps.


  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Alerts when lighting and equipment are left on during after hours
  • Alerts when energy use is abnormally high
  • Allows a cost breakdown for lighting and heavy equipment

How it works?

  • Install the power sensor in the home’s electric panel/DB
  • Download the app for the web, Android or iOS
  • Connect the power energy monitor to WiFi Network
  • Start listening! Monitor your power use in real-time
  • The Power Energy Meter’s sensor will start automatically identifying power load, power consumed units and keep getting smarter!
  • SMS and Email alerts will be sent
  • Payment can be done online thru digital payment

i Power Monitoring


i Remote Wi-FI with IR


Verticals We Serve


How We Work


Easy to purchase. we provide installation or support your installation team.


Configure sensors, cameras, i Power and i Remote to interact with iBuddy. Devices communicate with the iBuddy which in turn communicates with the cloud using Wi-Fi.
Get it up and running quickly.

Monitor and Control

Complete view of your remote sites. Ensure that your power consuming assets are monitored, controlled and scheduled in the system to obtain the energy savings.
Videos are stored locally and in the cloud for redundancy and safe guard sabotage situations. Generate alerts and events for critical failures using sensors and video analytics.
We provide an extended monitoring team if needed.

Analytics and AI

Identify Anomalies, send real time alerts, tickets for problem escalation and resolutions. Build AI based recommendations for performance improvements. Machine learning algorithms and pattern analysis of sensor & video data to identify anomalies and build business values.