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Track Your Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere, All the Time

Bring smartness to your fleet

smart fleet management software offers integrated IOT fleet and cargo monitoring solutions which transmit data at regular intervals. The IOT devices are deployment on trucks, trailers, containers and warehouses to provide 360 degree, 24 / 7 access to information.

In a shared economy model, this practice allows customers, senior managers and fleet owners to effectively delegate, yet control and manage all aspects of the operations involving dispatch and maintenance of trucks in transportation of goods.

Why do we need Tracking System?

Track In Real-Time

Intelligent Tracking

Share your current location with just one click. An easy way to share your current address, along with the exact position.

Actual Routes

Increased Efficiency

For Tracking and loading routes that gives a real-time with optimized routing.

Improve Driver Behaviour

Stay Complaint

Our driver monitor analyzes their overall performance, the activities and behavior.

Ensure Safety

Improved Employee Safety

Increase visibility and provide comprehensive safety.

Battery Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Performs a comparative analysis of engine and voltages, to determine the battery's health.

Economical Drive

Stay Complaint

Vehicle dashboard cruise both speedometer, vehicle docks to watch speed units and easy access control.

Features of Fleet Services

24x7 live tracking of your vehicle by knowing the movement of a vehicle in which location and it can be tracked movement in positions at every Interval of seconds with engine status, speed and vehicle location in a map.

Plans and optimizes the vehicle movement route paths. It overlays the information timeline on map and the track points in the route map which displays the detailed path. Track your route and view it live on desktop or mobile device.

When your driver takes the most efficient route possible, you save a lot of money on fuel. Fuel economy is stated in kilometers per liter (km/L) every fuel cycle, which shows the actual performance of the vehicle.

Reduce risk and improve fuel efficiency by keeping track of your driver's speed. Specify the high speed, low speed, average limit variations of your vehicles, if the speed violation occurs it notifies you immediately.

Scheduling maintenance for the vehicle will save you time and money. It will track all of the maintenance, service and repairs. You can get notifications and reminders for every scheduled service.

By adding Geo-fences and Points of Interest (POIs) in a map, and setting up triggers when the vehicle enters or exits a geo-fence or crosses the POIs, the user receives a generated notification via SMS/E-mail.

Remote Vehicle Surveillance

  • End-to-End fleet management & Video Live feed in vehicle.
  • Connected vehicle sensors, vehicle location tracking and scheduling, fuel tracking, speed control
  • Vehicle usage analytics and Driver Behaviour

Benefits of Vehicle Surveillance

  • Protect children - Surveillance cameras can give bus driver the “keep eyes in the back of the head,” and allow them to keep children in check while navigating the route to or from school.
  • Protect School students and bus drivers with a wireless video surveillance system
  • Remote monitoring- Monitor the driver’s performance. Cases such as rash driving, improper conduct or other unwanted activities inside the bus can be easily captured using the cameras and right action can be taken based on rock solid evidence obtained from the camera feed.

Enabling IoT Application For your Platform

IoT Solution Provider with Primary Focus On Security, E-Surveillance & Video Analytics