IoT Smart Surveillance Platform

Components of the Solution


Multiple sensors act as the physical touch points collecting and feeding data and parameters to IoT gateway device.Our solution can support following sensors


Ambient light sensor

Fire & Smoke

AC/DC Power

Vibration sensor

Emergency Button

Door contact sensor

PIR motion detector


Temperature sensor

Power sockets

Any other machine inputs/outputs


    Our state of the art of the IoT gateway offer the following features.It is easy to install and highly Scalable .
  • Reports the states of analog /digital inputs over internet or SMS
  • GPRS/3G/SMS based Remote Alarm Monitoring & Reporting
  • Energy/Power monitoring
  • Remote Temperature/Humidity monitoring and other sensors mentioned above
  • Connect to your Equipment/Machinery & Process remotely
  • Remote Control – Turn ON/OFF equipment & machinery from remote locations
  • Get alerts on various sensor events
  • 8 Digital inputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 relay output
  • 2 TB offsite storage. Can be expanded to 4 TB
  • Configurations can be done through SMS or thru Web site. Optionally USB can be used for configuring the device also
  • MQTT broker for communication
  • Support for upto 8 IP cameras
  • Data encryption for secured transfer
  • Offline video storage for future retrievals


    Our Software solution is completely cloud enabled.Cloud instance can be easliy created, configured ,monitored for your scaling needs

Our IoT Smart Surveillance Architecture

IoT Unified Operations

IoT Smart Surveillance Platform

IoT Platform provides the base for the software component of the local/remote sites Manager solution. The platform possesses the capabilities to receive, analyse and provide actionable insights from date received from several thousands of sensors and enables the user to take control.

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