• Increased Visibility and Better Operational Control with one Unified View

  • Smart Surveillance with Video Analytics

Smart Way to manage your ATM Centers

ATM operators worldwide are under pressure to cope with multiple challenges that have made profits very thin. With increasing operating costs, overwhelming security concerns and demand for higher uptime, the need for better management of ATM sites has become very important. By delivering end to end visibility and real-time control, our solution enables safer and leaner remote ATM sites.

Our solution provides a complete dashboard, necessary devices, cameras, installation and commissioning, as well as customer support. Our E-Surveillance is an end-to-end cloud enabled surveillance solution for managing the entire setup of an ATM center. It includes the dashboard, analytics, IoT gateway, sensors, installation & commissioning, hosting, support. Enjoy advanced site monitoring capabilities and an ability to leverage connectivity across multiple IoT solutions.

We offer the package as required by the customer. We can manage the different assets inside ATM centers such as A/C’s, UPS, Power Actuators, Networking Equipment, Cameras, Signages, Security Guards etc.

IoT Surveillance Solution to Monitor ATMs & Reduce Operational Costs

  • Detect any movement or presence inside the ATM center during off hours and send alerts
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing energy wastage, reducing the risk of theft
  • With live monitoring, any customer in an emergency when inside ATM center can be helped by a quick response team.
  • With live monitoring, customers who are in emergency inside ATM centre can get access to the quick response team. A Panic Switch at the site can be operated in case of an emergency or threat. The switch is connected to the system, automatically raising an alert to the operator and sounds the hooter
  • Reduce Energy wastage by scheduling and controlling the working of the various appliances like lights and air conditioners remotely
  • We help prioritize numerous events triggered, while managing your site’s security and operations.
  • Complete visibility on energy consumption of each appliance
  • Video Analytics based analysis on Gender, Footprints, Age and other Demographics
  • Alert in case of any intrusion in an ATM site with the help of event-based alerts. PIR sensors detect unauthorized movement within the ATM site and trigger alerts
  • Vibration sensors placed on ATM machines detect tampering and raise an immediate alert/alarm
  • Smoke sensors and temperature sensors detect the breakout of a fire and trigger instant actions such as raising instant alerts, sounding a hooter at the site and triggering messages to the fire department.

Remote Surveillance

  • Reduce the need for security guards from each location using remote video monitoring system. Cut your operating costs by 35%.
  • Provide security to customers visiting the ATM using video monitoring and video analytics, thus pre-empting crime before it happens.
  • Provide remote offline video with 90 days backup to access from the device for crime detection.
  • Entire solution is cloud enabled with our IP protected devices for complete remote monitoring from one central location.
  • Monitor the ATM site 24*7 with On-site/Off-site surveillance IP cameras. Get a 360 degree view of the ATM site via live feed or event-based snapshots
  • Monitor entry and exit of customers and other personnel into the ATM Centers

Attendance & Access Management

  • Provide attendance capability using check-in/check-outs for Security, Housekeeping and Maintenance staff, with image capture
  • Analyze the ATM site images at programmed intervals/ duration and compare it with an ideal 'Clean Site' image
  • • Access control with PIN-verification for bank staff and custodians doing any cash load/unload transactions in the ATM site

Monitor ATMs Center & assets

  • Monitor the ATM site’s health of assets in real time. View critical/medium/low asset events triggered on customizable dashboards.
  • Provision of panic button with siren for any emergency in the ATMs.
  • Monitor ATM Chest door opening and cash loading to avoid theft and vandalism.
  • Alerts and notifications triggered thru SMS & Email when any actions and/or events happen. The actionable conditions can be easily configured by the monitoring team.
  • Critical events or incidents will raise automatic tickets to ensure the response time is reduced to meet FLMs and SLMs

To Meet Business Challenges for ATMs Center

The largest benefit of security monitoring services is the ability to monitor the system remotely and still react in real time to events. Remote monitoring has many advantages:

  • Remote video Access
  • IR based video recording
  • Emergency SOS
  • Video Surveillance of entire ATM site
  • Automated Security alerts
  • Alert Notifications for any threats
  • Attendance detection of caretakers/security guards/bank staff/cash management personnel
  • Asset management of all assets in the ATM center
  • Two-way communication for better customer support
  • Identification of faults in Power, UPS ,Scheduling of AC function etc. based on customer needs
  • Hourly power usage reports
  • UPS power levels and failure points
  • Remote on/off capability of all assets
  • Analysis of power usages

Reduce Energy Consumption -Interactive data Visualize

  • Temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature at the ATM site and accordingly the air-conditioner is switch OFF or ON
  • Automated control of lighting devices. Devices are turned OFF or ON based on the intensity of ambient lighting, signage board pre-set schedule or by detecting customer presence at the site
  • Provides energy saving by scheduling and monitoring A/C and other power consuming units
  • Monitor backup power supply and receive instant alerts of critical events. View parameters such as UPS Backup and UPS Health in real time

Enabling IoT Application For your Platform

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