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SMART3 - IoT Analytical e-surveillance Platform

Ennovasys is an IoT smart solution provider for the Banking, Retail Stores, Logistics sectors. SMART3 Space is an end-to-end e-Surveillance solution providing Smart Security for ATM centers, Smart Surveillance for Retail stores and Smart Operations for Vehicles.

E-surveillance Services

Environmental Monitoring

Keep ATMs under controls like air conditioner, UPS, indoor/outdoor camera, indoor/outdoor lighting, PIN verify for ATM Chest Door, and by using temperature/humidity, water leakage, movement and light sensors


Energy Monitoring

Able to remote monitor and control your devices like uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Signage board or Air conditioning, keep and monitor all your data can be collected continously with historical datas.


Remote Live Surveillance

Can do live monitoring of many offsite ATMs from a central location via WIFI/LAN/GPRS.Allows you to search, retrieve and review the recorded video/photo data as and when you require for the footprints


Video Storage Cloud

Ability to store and back-up ATMs footage digitally on hard drives/Cloud. ATMs video footage can be stored and retrieval automatically when critical, at scheduled times or on demand whenever required


Access Control Monitoring

Attendance detection of care takers/security guards/banks staffs/cash management personnel also Provide attendance capability using check-in/check-outs for housekeeping and maintenance staffs.


Predictive Analytics

In an environment, someone standing in front of an ATMs for an unusually long period. It might be an incident of theft, or possibly a potential customer waiting for assistance. In the case of a theft, the control room has instant alerts and real-time visualizations


Why us only?

Overcoming the initial glitches, the company now has developed world class IoT solutions comprising of Smart3 e-Surveillance (arming banks with advanced security and remote monitoring using video surveillance of their ATM assets) with Video Analytics

Smart3 Logistics solution loaded with features like Live Location, Route Path Information, Fuel Variation, Speed Variation and others help not just track vehicles on real time but also enables the entire fleet management at your fingertips.

But there are several companies providing similar solutions. So what differentiates Smart3 then? Smart3 brings not one but four distinguishing features that make it stand par ahead of the competition. The company not just builds the software but even the hardware, thus offering an integrated solution to its customers.

To Meet Business Challenges

The largest benefit of security monitoring services is the ability to monitor the system remotely and still react in real time to events. Remote monitoring has many advantages:

  • Centralized dashboard
  • Alarm and Events Management
  • Intrusion and Threat Detection
  • 24/7 record of activity

We can equip these sites with automated monitoring and control tools but can also manage them on you behalf. Setting up call centers, manning and running them will all be our responsibility.

Save profit, optimize energy bills and secure your remote sites with real-time control,to manage your business

Not only monitoring ATM sites, but goes way beyond to increase uptime,save costs to the banks and operation efficiency of ATMs. The system connect with ATM sites including energy sensors, environment sensor, UPS etc.

It provides with immense business and economic benefits such as 40% Reduction in Energy Consumption through intelligent module that automatically switch on and off of air conditioners,UPS and signage at the ATM

Enabling IoT Application For your Platform

IoT Solution Provider with Primary Focus On Security, E-Surveillance & Video Analytics

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