• Smart Surveillance with Video Analytics

  • Smart Surveillance with Video Analytics

SMART3 - IoT Smart Surveillance Platform

SMART3 Surveillance is an end-to-end e-Surveillance solution providing Smart Security for ATM centres and Retail stores. Our solution is built on state-of-the-art hardware technology along with a highly scalable software infrastructure and Business Intelligence on the cloud. Easy Implementation, Easy Monitoring, Easy Savings.

E-surveillance Features

Environmental Monitoring

Controlled environment is very critical for overall customer satisfaction. Maintaining the right temperature, proper lighting, right humidity, identifying water leakages and floods, understanding the number of visitors, their facial sentiments, providing a direct call to the support team etc. go a long way in gaining customer satisfaction. Understanding the visitors and warning them in case of any intrusions or unauthorized activities improves overall security.


Remote Live Surveillance

Get complete surveillance of the site with many types of cameras. No need to rely only on CCTV cameras where you need to visit the location for viewing the data. Our remote streamer can stream video data to the cloud from any remote location. Streamed video data is stored in the cloud and analyzed for sentiments, age, gender, intrusions, etc. Events are created based on the analytics. Video is stored in the remote location for a period of 90 days and can be retrieved from the remote location anytime.


Energy Monitoring

Acs and other devices consume huge energy at ATM centres and retail outlets.Energy is one of the major cost factors for commercial buildings.Monitoring,scheduling and controlling the energy consuming assets can easily produce a saving of 10%. The energy consuming devices could be air-conditioners, UPS, indoor/outdoor cameras, indoor/outdoor lighting, signage etc.Ability to monitor and control devices like Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS),Signage Boards or Air-conditioners can help reduce site visit costs of field staff by 80%


Video Storage in Cloud

Ability to store and back-up ATMs footage digitally on hard drives/Cloud. ATMs video footage can be stored and retrieval automatically when critical, at scheduled times or on demand whenever required.


Access Control Monitoring

Attendance detection of caretakers/security guards/bank staff/cash management personnel. Provides attendance capability using check-in/check-outs for housekeeping and maintenance staff.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can provide the failure rates of various items on the site, best and worst performing sites, sites with major issues etc. These data points can help in solving the problem before it happens thus reducing the downtime considerably.


Why us?

Overcoming the initial glitches, Over the years, Ennovasys has developed world class IoT solutions with our flagship Smart3 e-Surveillance (providing banks with advanced security and remote monitoring using video surveillance of their sites) with Video Analytics

But there are other companies providing similar solutions. So what are our differentiators? Smart3 brings four distinguishing features that make us stand far ahead of the competition. Ours is an integrated solution comprising both the software and the hardware. It is an end to end solution on the cloud. It is easy to implement. It is also scalable.

To Meet Business Challenges

The largest benefit of security monitoring services is the ability to monitor the system remotely and still react in real time to events. Remote monitoring has many advantages:

  • Centralized dashboard
  • Alarm and Events Management
  • Intrusion and Threat Detection
  • 24/7 record of activity

We can equip sites with automated monitoring and control tools and manage them for better efficiency. Setting up call centres, staffing them and running them is our responsibility.

Increase profitability, optimize energy bills and secure your remote sites with real-time control, to better manage your business.

Our system can connect with the A/C and other energy consuming devices like UPS etc. By monitoring and scheduling these devices we can provide business and economic benefits of 10% reduction in Energy Consumption.

IoT solution for your Business problems

IoT Solution Provider with Primary Focus On Security, E-Surveillance & Video Analytics

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